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Institut fuer Feinmotorik (IFF) is an artists group working in different formats and media. Although the main activity is accoustic-art / music.

IFF is located in Bad Säckingen and Berlin (Germany). The group was founded 1997 for a club-event in Basel (Switzerland) at brisant kiosk/club.

IFF produces different outputs (photography, video, music, drawing, computer-programming, printed matters etc.), organizes artistic-/cultural events, does lectures and workshops and publishes artistic goods such as music records, books etc.

IFF got some reputation for their acoustic work with prepared turntables (turntablismtheorism) and their reductionist set-up called Octogrammoticum: 8 turntables, 4 DJ mixers + end-mixer, which is served by the group members. Anything (except records) which somehow fits between turntables and pick-up cartridges (household-rubberbands, paper-stickers, rubbergums, handicraft-tools + various tinker-trivias) may be played.

Octogrammoticum is Institut fuer Feinmotorik's classical puristic setup of 8 prepared turntables without records, effects and post-processing.

IFF THEN ELZE is a collaborative project of Institut fuer Feinmotorik and Tim Elzer. It's a variation of the Octogrammoticum extended by video cameras making sound and light

Feinmotorik Soirée is a lecture-performance revue: acoustical / optical / verbal

Soundcheck at Goethe Institut/Buenos Aires